Potami - Waterfalls - Tsourlei - Potami

4.0 km
1h 30'
284 m
Connected to route 3, 5

The section of Route 2 from Potami beach all the way to the Waterfalls (750m) is an easy hike for the whole family, alongside the riverbed, under the shade of the plane trees. It is enjoyable even in the heat of the summer, and does not require any hiking skills. Please note that in order to reach the start of the waterfalls, you need to wear your swimming suit and walk in the stream for ten minutes. Also keep in mind, that there is no facility for storing your personal belongings in the vicinity of the waterfalls. Leaving the waterfalls, the path starts ascending on the western side of the stream, and leads to a southbound dirt road, which you follow in order to reach the picturesque but almost abandoned Tsourlei village.

From Tsourlei village, you have the possibility to continue on Route 5, either towards Leka village or Kosmadei village. To return to Potami, follow the dirt track going north, and then the beautiful trail which traverses a dense pine forest.