Potami - Mikro Seitani - Megalo Seitani

3.8 km
1h 40'
286 m
Connected to route 3, 6

This is one of the most walked trails in Samos, mainly because it grants access to two of the most beautiful beaches of the island, Mikro Seitani and Megalo Seitani. The hike begins on the western edge of Potami beach. Start by following the westbound coastal road, and then continue uphill on the trail that runs parallel to the coast with views to the sea. The smooth trail passes through old olive groves dotted with clusters of pines and cypresses. The first beach you will encounter is Mikro Seitani, a lovely beach with white pebbles, often crowded in the summer, as it is small (50m wide) and rather easily accessible. As there is no natural tree shade here, you’ ll need a beach umbrella or else a hat and sunscreen. It is absolutely worth it to walk all the way to Megalo Seitani, a gorgeous long sandy beach, situated at the exit of the dramatic Kakoperato gorge, with a thick cluster of cedars at its back, offering great shade in the summer. The scenery is fantastic and you will be tempted to spend the whole day here. There is a fount with drinkable water on the east side of the beach. From Megalo Seitani, you may opt to continue your hike on waymarked Route 6 which will take you to the village of Drakei after 4.2 km.